Sunday, March 1, 2015


In honor of my trip back to England later this month, here is my first trip to Southampton. We did not have as much time in Southampton as I would have liked because a) my vacations are never long enough, and b) we were too busy visiting other place (London, Paris, Bath), but the time we did have I loved. 

The first full day there we had a lovely walk around the castle walls of Southampton. It was the very first castle I've ever seen in person and it finally hit me that I was in England. I got to make my first purchase with GBPs (a water at a Boots), bought a lock for Paris at Poundland, saw the Mayflower memorial, went to Queen's Park and explored the City Centre. We even stopped in a real English pub for a cider and ginger ale. I may have sprained my ankle that day and gotten one of the worst sunburns England has ever seen, but it was a perfect first day. 

Unfortunately I don't have any other pictures of our time in Southampton but that's because they were just normal every day activities. Walking to the shop to get food to make, going to my first British Costco (and successfully getting Tim's mum hooked on it), dinner with his parents, discovering new British TV shows (Googlebox, Pointless), going to Southampton Common, and Tim forcing me to lead the way back home after a walk to see how well I was learning. I was introduced to a clothes horse, washing bowl, and the toilet being in a different room than the shower.

Even though we have a lot of things scheduled for our next trip, I am looking forward to getting back to Tim's hometown and learning more about life there. Less than 4 weeks to go and I could not be more excited!!

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